Medical triage

Omnichannel platform for communication with patients based on artificial intelligence models that allows the patient to be understood in natural language, including the tropicalisms of each country (LATAM, Brazilian Portuguese and English).
It has medical triage for symptom detection according to the level of severity (code red, yellow, green) refers the patient to hospital with geolocation, ambulance, schedules online or scheduled medical appointment, appoints specialists, as appropriate.

Accompanying patients at all times


Service that allows the patient to communicate by chat or phone with the provider to request or check the status of their authorization to perform medical studies, surgeries, hospitalizations. The efficiency and speed of Sannare's attention improves the NPS indices in this management.

Accompaniment of chronic patients

Patients often forget their indications of care about the treatment they are undergoing or are unable to continue without additional help due to inability. To this end, Sannare provides care to remember measurements and controls, take medication, remember medical appointments or rehabilitation.


It is proven that prevention, monitoring and care prevent patients from reaching health institutions in chronic states. For this, Sannare has a team of specialists who provide suggestions for controls and frequent measurements to monitor health indicators, physical activity, nutrition, rest, among others.

Medical Appointments

They can be managed in the same post-triage conversation or as a separate service. Sannare has a technology that operates to schedule the best appointment available by rules such as priority, geography, availability, specialty. Then he does the accompaniment to remember requirements for it. Makes confirmation, cancellation or modification of the appointment. This greatly reduces absenteeism.


There are medical studies that require special preparation. Sannare collaborates in the detailed explanation of the necessary instructions for the patient to comply with in order to carry out the study. Identifies the appropriate means of communication for each type of patient and confirms correct understanding hours prior to the study.

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